About Us

The Homesteader's Store - Story and Philosophy

About usThrough a series of miracles, we started The Homesteader's Store in the Spring of 2007. One of the first miracles was the purchase of the land for the current location in Richland Center. The next was becoming a Kubota dealer. We were able to increase the size of our rental fleet to over 500 pieces, and became very successful in our sales of Kubota products.

Then in 2011 we approached Kubota and asked them to grant us a dealership in Madison. On July 11th, 2011, we opened our new store in Madison. We have already achieved sales levels that makes Kubota very happy.

More important than any of the things that established our business, is the basis of why we do what we do. We are not driven by being rich or influential. Peggy and I are driven to serve our king, Jesus Christ. We serve Him by serving others. Our customers are not just a way to get money. Customers are precious gifts to us. We will mess up, but it will never be our intention to do so. This also means that we will answer to our king, therefore we are obligated to treat our customers as the precious gifts they are.

We would ask that you consider the claims of Christ. There is an empty grave in Jerusalem. The Bible teaches that we have all broken the laws of God and are criminals in God's sight. We all deserve the justice of Hell forever. Jesus came to earth, lived a perfect life, died in your (and our) place, and rose from the dead. The past is erased if you receive Jesus as your king. We contend that Jesus is the king of kings. Accept his gift and escape eternal punishment. You may think this is bold, but your eternal destiny rests on what you do with Jesus. Peggy or I would love to talk with you about this any time.