How To Choose A Tractor

Kubota Tractors = Special

I'm Rick DeYoung, the owner of The Homesteader's Store. Are you aware that Kubota tractors are the top-selling compact tractor line in America? It starts with Kubota being a "design build" company. They design and build all the major components of all of their compact tractors. This way they control all quality processes while controlling costs. I challenge you to go online and search for "problems Kubota", and any other tractor line. I contend, if you do this you will buy Kubota. Please consider a Kubota tractor to meet your needs. I will try to describe the various tractor lines and sizes to help you. If you have any questions, please call me at (608) 604-2222.

Kubota tractors break down into 4 major groups decided by frame.
1. BX - Subcompact - 4' wide units
2. B - Compact - 4' and 4.5' wide units
3. L - Mid Frame - 5' and 6' wide units
4. M - Farm tractors
a. Special utility M - 48hp to 58hp
b. 60 series 50hp - 99hp.
c. GX or M6 100hp to 135hp
d. M7 151hp to 172hp.
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BX Series - Sub-Compact Tractors

18 - 26hp, 4' Wide
This tractor Kubota calls, "The one tractor solution".
Features: Diesel Engine 2 speed Hydrostatic Transmission 3 point hitch Mid and Rear PTOs Loader LA243, snow blower, 54" and 60" mower decks
Rick's Comments: Excellent tractor for maintaining estates with mowing as one of its primary tasks. Good for acres from 2 to 15. Three point attachments should be limited to 48".
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BX Series BX1823, BX2370, BX2670

B Series - Compact Tractors

23 - 26p 4' wide and 33p 4.5' wide.
This tractor is the next step larger then the BX.
Features: Diesel Engine 3 speed Hydrostatic Transmission Cat. 1 3 point hitch Mid and Rear PTOs Loaders: LA364 and LA 403, LA534, snow blower, 54" , 60" and 72" mower decks.
Rick's Comments: This tractor series focuses on more traditional tractor rolls in a small package. Still makes a great mowing tractor especially for larger acres. The B Series breaks down into two Series: B2301, B2601 and the B2650, B3350. The B2301 and B2601 are replacing the 20 series. The B 01 series has 9 major improvements over the 20 series. Two of which are the loader capacity has increased 19% to lift over 1000 lb. while the 3 point capacity has gone up 33%. The 01 Series is a 4' wide tractor so one should stay with 4' to 5' foot attachments. The B2650 and B3350 have a longer frame with larger tires so it is 4.5' Wide. It can use 5' attachments. The B50 series comes in both open station or Factory cab versions. If you are looking for a small tractor with a factory cab then the B2650 or B3350 are excellent choices.
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B Series - B2301, B2601

Kubota (9)

B Series - B2301, B2601

Kubota (5)

B3350 Factory

L Series - Mid Frame Tractors

New L Standard Series - Tier 4 emissions L3301/L3901 33, 39hp 5' wide L4701 47hp 6' Wide
New 60 Grand series - Tier 4 emissions
L3560, L4060, L4760, L5460, L6060
The Mid sized frame L Series breaks down into the Standard and Grand Series. It also has two different widths 5' and 6'.
Features: Diesel Engine
Standard Series: 3 speed hydrostatic transmission
3 Point Hitch, Rear PTOs
Grand Series: HST Plus - 6 speed hydrostatic transmission.
Cat. 1 3 point hitch, Large grand L's have Cat. 2 3 point hitch
Rear PTOs, Mid PTOs are optional on smaller Grand Series.
Mower decks are optional on the small Grand Series only.
Rick's Comments:
Standard Series - Unbelievable value for a standard tractor. This tractor has features that use to be only on deluxe lines. Kubota is in a transition from interm tier 4 units to full tier 4 units. The L3200 is becoming the L3301 and the L3800 the L3901. The standard L's are excellent for 15 -100 acres. They can use 5' to 6' attachments.
Grand Series. Has transitioned from the 40 series to the 60 series which i. This is a heavy built durable tractor. They range from 3hp to 60hp. It has the 6 speed HST-plus transmission. The Grand L can have a factory cab with heat and air conditioning. The L3560 can use 5' attachments. The rest use 6' plus attachments. The smaller units can have a belly mower or front snow blower.
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Grand L60 Series

Kubota (8) Kubota (7)

Grand L60 Cab

M Series - Farm and Farm utility

MX4800/MX5200 49/52hp 6' wide
M60 Series 50-70hp 7'-8' wide
M7 Series 100-135hp 8'wide
M Series breaks down into 3 the three separate groups listed above.
The MX-Series are the smaller Utility tractors. The are a great value.

The M60 Series are a tractor excellent loader tractors from 50 to 95hp. These units are reliable farm tractors. They make excellent chore tractors. Because of the bevel gear drive on the front axle these units can turn nearly as sharp as a 2 wheel drive tractor.

The large M-series. Make excellent tillage, chore and loader tractors. They have the intelli-shift transmission. It is a push button shift. It also has the bi-speed turn that for tight turns the transmission speeds up the front tires pulling the front of the tractor around. These are just a couple of the features of these excellent tractors.
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M60 Series Cab

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M7 Series