Mow Blows




Walk behind mowers (single blade) $ 99*
Lawn tractors $165*
Zero Turns $195*
Single Stage Snow Blowers $ 99*
Two stage Snow Blowers $125*
*Parts are additional.


Inspection on all units
1. Change engine oil and refill, check for leaks.
2. Inspect fuel and fuel tank for cleanliness. Inspect fuel line for dryness and rot and replace any broken fuel line clamps.
3. Inspect all engine covers for mice debris.
4. Inspect recoil for proper operation and inspect for worn rope.
5. Replace spark plug and inspect spark plug boot and connections.
6. Inspect tires or wheels for wear or damage,inspect axle bushings for wear, check tracking of machine. On pneumatic tires check air pressure.
7. Inspect frame and housing for cracks or damage.
8. Grease all fittings and repair any fittings that do not take grease.
9. Remove drive cover and inspect drive system, lubricate all moving parts,
10. Check all belts for wear or damage, set correct belt tensions.
11. Inspect all operator controls for proper performance including choke and throttle cable
12. Inspect control cables and make correct adjustments
13. Inspect wiring under dash for damage
14. Inspect all safety switches for proper function, repair and adjust accordingly
15. Lube all grease zerks and lube points
16. Inspect machine for loose hardware
17.Final Inspection – Run test machine.
18. Check all safety features.
19. Re-check all fluids.
20. Wash and clean machine. May be additional charges if very dirty.
21. Check engine RPM.
Mower Specific
1. Inspect mowing deck for cracks or damage.
2. Check all deck pulleys.
3. Check all spindles.
4. Sharpen blades with our professional sharpener which does not heat up blade.
5. Balance blades and check straightness on our ball bearing balancer.
6. Replace transmission filters if applicable.
Two Stage Snow Blowers
1. Inspect skid shoes and scraper bar for wear, adjust skid shoes to proper height.
2. Inspect auger components including gear box, shafts, rakes, and fan for damage.
3. Inspect shear pins for correct application.
4. Inspect and lube the transmission.
Single Stage Snow Blowers
1. Inspect Paddles.
2. Inspect Scrapper Bar.
3. Inspect drive belt.
Units are stored in a clean dry environment in the off season. They are brought out for the service and then put back until delivery. It is not heated.

Mow Blows Swap (3)
Fuel tank and lines on a walk
Mow Blows Swap (2)
Controls on a Two Stage
Mow Blows Swap (1)
State of the Art Blade Sharpener
Mow Blows Swap (5)
Ball bearing blade balancer
Mow Blows Swap (4)
Two Stage Skid Shoes and Scraper Bar