2018 SaltDogg 9.0 Cubic Yard Electric Stainless Steel Municipal Hopper Spreader

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9.0 Cubic Yard Electric Stainless Steel Municipal Hopper Spreader



Buyers Products SaltDogg 7-9 Cubic Yard Electric Conveyor Chain Spreader is the newest addition to the popular large-capacity, electric stainless spreader line. It gives contractors and municipalities a heavy duty electric spreader ready for commercial use. The 120 in. or 144 in. hoppers are designed for dump bodies and flatbeds with a minimum 26,000 lb GVW (gross vehicle weight) chassis. The spreader strikes a balance between the convenience and value of an electric spreader and the robust volume traditionally found in gas and hydraulic spreaders.

The spreader is equipped with a high-flow steel pintle chain conveyor and a stainless steel inverted V to reduce stress on the drive line and improve flow. The conveyor is 24-1/2 in. wide with 3/8 in. crossbars, and has a stainless steel floor. An adjustable feedgate with lock pin offers additional material flow control.

A 18 in. poly spinner casts material 2 ft to 30 ft. The spreader is available with a regular or extended chute. Two adjustable baffles allow you to cater the spread pattern to your use. The chute and spinner assembly flips up or detaches completely, tool-free, for convenient bulk unload, easy servicing, and access to towing.

A SaltDogg stainless spreader is an investment made to last. Its hopper and fully welded frame are made from high quality 304 stainless steel for long lasting corrosion protection. The hopper also comes outfitted with a top screen. The spinner is powered by a 1/2 HP, 12V motor, and the conveyor chain is powered by a 3/4 HP, 12V motor. The spreader is controlled by a heavy duty, in-cab controller with independent variable speeds for the conveyor and spinner. It also comes outfitted with four hinged-top screens with 3/8 in. bars.

  • Chute Primary Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • ChuteStandardAdjustableExtended: Adjustable Height
  • Controller Type: High Current Variable Speed
  • Drive Type: Electric
  • Hopper Length: 144.00 in.
  • Hopper Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Number of Motors: 2
  • Spinner Material: Polyurethane
  • Works with Bagged #1 Rock Salt: Yes
  • Works with Bulk Salt: Yes
  • Works with Bulk Sand: Yes
  • Works with Salt / Sand Mix: Yes
  • Capacity: 9.00 cu. yd.
  • Overall Height: 63.60 in.
  • Overall Length: 168.00 in.
  • Overall Width (at top): 82.00 in.
  • Hopper Width: 82.00 in.
  • Top Screen: Yes
  • Vibrator Included: No
  • Spinner Diameter: 18.00 in.
  • System Voltage: 12 vdc
  • Feed Mechanism: Conveyor Chain
  • Feed Mechanism2: 24 in. Pintle Chain with 3/8 in. Bars
  • Min Order Qty: 1
  • Multiple Sale Qty: 1
  • Product Code: 903
  • Sell Pack Type: Each
  • Shipping Weight: 3433.000 lb.
  • UPC: 724920154994
Key Features
  • Designed for dump bodies and flatbeds with a minimum 26,000 lb GVW (gross vehicle weight).
  • Available with 120 in. or 144 in. hopper with a capacity from 7 to 9 cubic yards.
  • 12V DC-powered electric drive with independent conveyor and spinner motors.
  • Spreads bulk salt, bulk sand, and salt/sand mix.
  • Versatile 24-1/2 in. wide chain conveyor drive.
  • 20 in. poly spinner broadcasts up to 40 ft.
  • In-cab controls with independent variable speeds for the conveyor and spinner.
  • Adjustable chute and baffles let you tailor height and spread to your application.
  • High quality, 304 stainless steel construction for optimum corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless steel, adjustable inverted V reduces stress on the drive line and improves flow.
  • Heavy duty hinged top screens.
  • Made in the USA.



Hopper Capacity
9.00 cu. yd.

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